these are exhibition pieces These are conceptually and technically more complex and can only be bought at exhibition. I exhibit regularly throughout Australia and you can find out about the next exhibition in my journal.

Exhibition work

  • Sitting Owl  Plate.  Porcelain, underglaze, oxide, glaze, underglaze pencil, photographic decal. 3 cm h x  27 cm w x 27 cm d
  • Two Moth Bottles Apricot and Dark- Dark Moth Bottile 16cm h x 13 cm w x 13 cm d Porcelain, underglaze, oxide, glaze, underglaze pencil                                       Porcelain, underglaze, oxide, glaze, underglaze pencil
  • arctic tern small
  • arctic tern plate small
  • arctic tern detail small
  • sg two owl jugs small
  • sg three Artic tern vessels small
  • sg Pacific North West vessel small
  • IMG_4460
  • sg two owls small
  • IMG_3208
  • IMG_3140
  • IMG_2245
  • leaf fall bowl-Shannon Garson
  • Dry Season Bowl- 11 cms high x 21 cms wide. $550
  • wallum mapping teapot small
  • narrative knot group
  • img_7935
  • gleanings20narek20catalogue2
  • gleanings20narek20catalogue1
  • garson 9 web
  • IMG_7427

I have two bodies of work. The porcelain tableware are designs I can repeat and are available to order in quantity, these pieces are al made from porcelain and are dishwasher and food safe.


  • IMG_5910
  • eucalyptus1 small
  • Fennel Salad Bowl and Teabowl
  • IMG_4919
  • IMG_7583
  • IMG_7416
  • lille
  • lepto and nest small
  • fennel and spots small
  • tiny fennel. small
  • beastiecakeplatesmall
  • beastiecakeplateandcups
  • beastie cups small
  • lucy eating cake small
  • lucy and bowl small
  • 18 paddock detail
  • img_7700
  • IMG_7371
  • beastie 2010 mermaid copy
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