I have clicked my magic shoes  and found myself in Kansas!  This year I am a presenter in the Process Room at the NCECA ceramic conference in America. I’ll be in Kansas from the 14th-19th of March. I use compound techniques and multiple firings to evoke specific eco-systems, using drawing, photography and thrown porcelain. I’ll demonstrate this process from drawing in sgraffito on a raw vessel through to use of photographic decals and terra sigillata.

On March 18th I’ll be demonstrating at 2 pm.

After that I’ll be moving on to Linda Fahey’s delightful Yonder Gallery in Pacifica where I’ll have a range of exclusive work……..mermaids.

I’ll be doing a demonstration workshop at Mountain Maid Workshops in Grass Valley on April 2nd.  This is a brand new workshop venue in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains  set up by renowned ceramicist Diana Fayt and her best friend Amanda Paoletti.  the workshop will be a blend of practical and inspirational. Come and learn how I start a design from working within a landscape and layer up the effects to create a finished piece….there are no secrets in my workshops and all the techniques can be adapted to suit artists who are new to clay and established artists who need a boost.




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