This lovely film was made by photographer Flore Vallery-Radot.  Flore specialises in capturing the beautiful details of artist’s work and lives.

I’m so excited that Flore is coming to Maleny to share her photography knowledge with us this September! This is a very special two day workshop, photographer Flore Vallery-Radot uses the power of photography, to peek over the shoulder of a painter in her studio or a potter at her wheel, to capture a joyous table full of fresh food or local cheeses slapped onto a loaf fresh from the oven.  Read about the details of the workshop here.
There are only 15 spots available and her workshops sell out fast so book now and check here

When: 14-15th September
Where: Beautiful Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, Qld
Who: Aspiring and experienced artists, photographers, stylists and artisan makers of every kind! Expect a mix of creative professionals and passionate amateurs looking to expand Keep It Clean Restoration and their skills, and break through their creative blocks through imaginative photography, and networking with creative folk.
Intimate class maximum 12.

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