Here are some highlights from the amazing, creative week we had in Tasmania filled with laughter food and art! Some of the Voyagers took on a haiku project and used these tiny poems as a diary on their trip.

Day 1- Tasman Island Wilderness Cruise it was exhilarating. Out in the wild ocean, albatross swooping around our tiny boat, dolphins gliding beside and under us, towering rock formations and Australian fur seals basking on ledges. 


Day 2- We spent the day at Ridgeline Pottery with Ben and Peta. The house is so inspiring, filled with handmade pots, clean lines and huge windows looking out to the view. Ben spoke about using found materials, connecting to your creativity through surroundings.

After a morning of poetry and pottery Peta’s homemade soup and freshly baked sourdough bread was a perfect lunch. Ridgeline Pottery, food for the body and soul!

June wrote a haiku about our day:

Blue sky’s, clouds dappling,
Trees in-file, undulating,
Ridgeline pots appear.

Day 3- Yesterday the Creative Voyage went to MONA. The highlight was a beautiful dinner a the Wine Bar.

After the entree we walked to James Turrell’s skyspace architectural, light installation “Amarna”. At sunset this beautiful clean space undergoes a poetic transformation as the ceiling changes colour and the window into the sky begins to morph and change, it’s an optical illusion, and a profound meditation on being human. Words really can’t describe what it is like to be In His Mind and in this space at sunset….. We’ve been writing haiku as a journal on the trip here is one I wrote about last night..

Amarna colour

stolen from land and sky

Infinite connect

Day 4- The Creative Voyage found it’s way to Mathew and Sadie Evans beautiful small farm where the animals and vegetables are treated with care and respect! In the words of cook, farmer and writer Matthew Evans at the Fat Pig Farm they try to create the perfect family meal fresh from the farm for 40 guest every Friday! The food was delivered straight from the vege patch to the kitchen as the meal progressed. Delicious, fresh, found it’s way slow food. ann’s haiku for Fat Pig Farm

Organic delights

Vegetables red and white wine

Fire roasted pig yum

Day 5- This was our last day on the tour, at the beautiful, crazy ,creative home of artists Nanna Bayer and Zsolt Faludi, at Studio Zona.

It was so much fun firing raku pots, flames exploding, and smoke pouring out of the raku cans, eating Zsolt’s delicious goulash (pronounced GOO-Yash!) that had been cooking for five hours over the wood fire, exploring the beautiful delicate porcelain Nanna creates A tired, happy ,smoky, satisfied crew finished the day with boxes full of pots and fresh apples to bring home.

A lunch table decorated with apples and dahlias. Hungarian goulash simmering over the wood fire. Nanna Bayer’s delicate porcelain sculptures hung with webs.

Haiku for Nanna

Arrive at Nana’s

Apple trees bowed down with fruit

Woodsmoke in the air

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