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Strange fragments……..September

Today in the studio, I’m listening to Zoe Keating’s beautiful new album “Snowmelt” as the cello rocks back and forth, my breathing slows and the clay thumps onto the wheel and spins outwards making bowl after bowl. All I can feel is the slippery, centrifugal force of the clay and bees collect pollen from the […]

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Mistress of Clay

This is a little project I’ve been working on for a while. It reclaims the way potters and clay are depicted, puts the tired old word “Master” with it’s patriarchal , connotations into it’s place as part of the clay world and not the summit of achievement. #mistressofclay is a strong artist who believes that empathy […]

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Creative Retreat in Maleny.

Embrace your curiosity and join me and Tasmanian artist Nanna Bayer for a luxurious weekend of creativity,  imagination and feasting in the beautiful town of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. This retreat is a two day, hands on exploration of creativity through drawing ,and clay.  The first day Nanna Bayer will take us through […]

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Winter News 2018

Strange fragments June 2018 I used to write a blog called “Strange Fragments”, it was about life in the studio and everything else!  Being a human is a funny business as I’m sure Bob Marley would agree as it was a quote from one of his band members about the genius of Bob’s reggae music that inspired […]

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Creative Voyage – Tasmania 2018

Here are some highlights from the amazing, creative week we had in Tasmania filled with laughter food and art! Some of the Voyagers took on a haiku project and used these tiny poems as a diary on their trip. Day 1- Tasman Island Wilderness Cruise it was exhilarating. Out in the wild ocean, albatross swooping […]

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Handmade Table – Bush Picnic

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Creative Voyage Tasmania 2018

Creative Voyage Tasmania March 2018 I’ve only got a few weeks to go now until we pack our bags and head towards Tasmania.  This is my first tour and I can’t wait to introduce the creative voyagers to the artists and studios we are going to visit down in Tassie. Inspiration……. I was inspired to […]

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Creative Voyage Tasmania

I’m so excited to be offering 20 creative, curious, adventurous folk the chance to come on a voyage of Tasmania with me! I’ve been working with Trade Travel to put together a tour of the hidden, studios and spaces of Tasmania’s artists, chefs and secret spots for March 2018. I’ve hand-picked a selection of intimate […]

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Exhibiting at NCECA 2017-international ceramic art

I am back in the studio  listening to the calls of the currawongs in the trees and reflecting on the amazing experience of taking an international exhibition to the U.S In 2016 I was invited to demonstrate and present at one of the biggest international ceramic conferences in the world. Called NCECA and held in a […]

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“Omnus Terra”- an international exhibition

Last year I was invited to demonstrate at the the world’s biggest ceramic conference  in Kansas City. The conference is called NCECA and held annually in a different city throughout the U.S. thousands of artists, gallery owners, and collectors attend. It is very hard to get into and being invited was a great honour. It was […]

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