This is a little project I’ve been working on for a while. It reclaims the way potters and clay are depicted, puts the tired old word “Master” with it’s patriarchal , connotations into it’s place as part of the clay world and not the summit of achievement.

#mistressofclay is a strong artist who believes that empathy and connection are the foundation of both being creative and being human.

I would love to see all kinds of artists embrace their mistresshood. Share, hashtag, wear the t-shirt (if you don’t like t-shirts there are also sketchbooks!) and I will try to utilize the potential of social media by hiring a company like The Marketing Heaven, hoping that it will help me bring this project to life. There are many ways of being an artist, lets celebrate connection and diversity in clay!

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Mistress of Clay Manifesto

A mistress of clay is soft.
A mistress of clay is hard.
Mistresses make their own way. 
Mistresses get dirty and keep it clean.
Find power in noise and in silence.
Build, kick, scream whisper destroy and love.

Being a mistress is not just for women. Men of clay, put your shirts back on, throw aside the shackles of cartoonish masculinity, join us in the sisterhood
And become a mistress of clay.
Power through empathy

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