Last year I was invited to demonstrate at the the world’s biggest ceramic conference  in Kansas City. The conference is called NCECA and held annually in a different city throughout the U.S. thousands of artists, gallery owners, and collectors attend. It is very hard to get into and being invited was a great honour. It was a whirlwind three days of ceramic talks, demonstrations, exhibitions, dinners, lunches, cocktails and inspiring personal interactions. It was so inspiring I decided to team up with Linda Fahey from Yonder Gallery in America and put  together an international exhibition for the 2017 NCECA in Portland, Oregon March 22-25.  .

shannon clay voyage

We came up with this idea as an international collaboration that will bring enormous benefits and goodwill between the artists involved, strengthen ties between Australia and the U.S and introduce the American ceramic community to a selection of the diverse and exciting artists that Australia is producing.

The exhibition is called “ALL LAND/ OMNUS TERRA”

The Australian artists are:

Gerry Wedd (South Australia)

Jane Sawyer (Melbourne)

Megan Puls (Gold Coast)

Fiona Hiscock (Melbourne)

Fleur Schell (Western Australia)

Vicki Grima (Sydney)


myself, Shannon Garson (Sunshine Coast)

This the first time for Australians to exhibit at as part of the  program at NCECA and I hope it will create a pathway for others to follow.

Linda and I would like to invite you all to Gallery 114 in Portland, OR, to come and see Omnus terra and meet the artists. For more information see Linda’s website: Yonder shop/omnusterra  or here.

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