Sea Foam Bubble Vase- Knot


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As I began researching the whaling voyages of the 18th century and building a concept around human interaction with the mighty, unknown ocean I came across and old book of sailor’s knots. I was immediately drawn to this imagery with it’s associations of mariner’s lore, craft and handiwork. The knot is a beautiful, useful metaphor used to tie disparate things together, lash them down and make them safe. Juxtaposed against the abstract renderings of the tideline the knots are a graphic representation of what I am always trying to do with my ceramics, that is bring things together and draw attention to how we are all tied together, humans, whales, sea anemones, dinners, families rocks and waves.

Bubble Vase 6 cm high x 6 cm wide

This porcelain tableware is handmade.  Starting in my studio from a blob of clay thrown on the potter’s wheel the cups, bowls, plates and jugs are decorated with soft colours and intricate details and fired to 1280 degrees.

Unique, beautiful and practical they can go in the dishwasher or be handwashed.

(product is sold as a single item only , board and props not included)


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