Drawing on Ceramics- One Day Workshop


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Explore the world of ceramic colour and drawing without using glazes! With a painterly approach, learn to work in an intuitive, expressive way to get layered, sophisticated surfaces, using a mix of underglazes, oxides and glaze stains taking your work to the next level.

Shannon starts the day with creative inspiration, getting your ideas to take flight through porcelain, drawing, colour, photography. A teabowl will serve as the initial inspiration, this small vessel is the conduit to wider ideas ranging from the importance of line, the true weight of volume, how to solve technical design issues in all mediums from textiles to painting, and what to do when you are at a creative dead end.

Designed as creative boost for experienced artists in any field, germinate your ideas with a day in Maleny and an intense burst of inspiration.

When:  Sunday November 3

Where: Old Witta School Hall, Maleny

Classes Include:

  • morning and afternoon tea, lunch
  • all drawing, ceramic decorating materials.
  • I have a lot of brushes and tools that you are welcome to use, bring any special tools of your own that you particularly love.

You need to bring:

  • A notebook
  • pencils, pens, watercolours
  • Any tools you have sgraffito tools, pin tools, metal ribs
  • Brushes
  • Greenware- Each student has to bring some greenware for decorating, some students just use tiles  but I would encourage you all to bring a couple of vessels as well as it is good to practice on curved surfaces as well as flat surfaces.Bring at least 3-5 unfired tiles  or plates 20cm  x 20 cm (approx) and 3-5 unfired vessels, pinch pots, bowls, vases or any other form you want to try!
  • Images of ceramics, and artworks that inspire you and images of nature, patterns and colours you want to include in your project.  Some people bring drawings, some people bring photographs or little scraps torn out of magazines, some people bring objects, twigs, pieces of bark, shells…your imagination is the limit!


Some important notes……..

*We cater for vegetarians and gluten-free, unfortunately we are unable to handle specific dietary requirements,  allergies or intolerances.  If you would like to come but want to bring your own food please get in touch and we can arrange a price that excludes the meals.


Cancellation policy: If you can’t make it to the workshop we try to find someone to take your place and bookings can be swapped. Due to the planning and logistics involved there will be no refunds for this workshop.

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