Today in the studio, I’m listening to Zoe Keating’s beautiful new album “Snowmelt” as the cello rocks back and forth, my breathing slows and the clay thumps onto the wheel and spins outwards making bowl after bowl.

All I can feel is the slippery, centrifugal force of the clay and bees collect pollen from the rocket flowers outside my door.  So far from the icy, life zapping promise of the snowmelt in the dry subtropical spring and so close to the same force that as Dylan Thomas once said “through the green fuse drives the flower.”

This listening and making is part of everyday artist life and also drawing me into a new project with cellist Louise King, shadow puppeteer Lynne Kent and projection artist Jen Brown.  expanding the act of making, bringing audiences into the deep process.  Called “Marine Ostinato” this project will debut at the Australian Ceramics Triennale in Hobart, May 2019.


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